Recycled Sea Shell Vase

Some days I just need to use my hot glue gun on something. Read on for a project that puts the “naughty” in nautical! Not really–it’s actually a fairly simple and extremely tame home decor project.

I don’t see much of the ocean in this land-locked state of Missouri. My perfect day would include reading a good book on the beach with a fruity mixed drink in hand until the moon rises over the ocean.

The closest I can get to that is this glue gun crap. But really, I love the ocean. And yes, sea-themed decor makes total sense in a landlocked state.

This craft is pretty simple, and you probably aren’t going to see it on a well-known homemaker’s web site.

Recycled Nautical Vase

Dear shell-loving reader, to make this nautical craft  for your very own treasure cove, you will need:

  • A hot glue gun with glue sitcks
  • Sea shells.

Don’t live by a beach? Don’t cry me a river, my dear wannabe mermaids. You can buy fake happiness at your local craft store. Well, you can buy fake sea shells, and that’s pretty much the same thing.

I got my shells from one of those “Everything’s a Dollar, so Why the Hell Not” stores.

excited ariel - So what if they're fake? Rock those shells.

  • But seriously your shell needs will depend upon the size of your base, which brings us to the next ingredient.
  • A bought (or recycled!) cylindrical object of any size. (Probably not nano, though. Sorry).
    • I used a tin can that used to hold some delicious salted green beans. You probably want to remove the label and wash out the can first. Just a thought.
  • Something to put in your innovative thalassic container when you’re finished. Try flowers. Or pencils.
  • Baubles and miscellaneous crafting bits. I think it would be fun to add some rope tied into a bow or knot around the container just to push the nautical vibe some more.

Warning: Hot glue guns are hot. We recommend that you print out a label with the words “molten volcano gun” and affix it to the handle of your glue gun so you never forget that you dance with hot danger when you embark on this crafting adventure. We also recommend that you don’t come crying to us if you burn your finger because, well, we told you so.

Go slowly and have an old crappy plate to put the glue gun on when you aren’t using it.

I don’t really have any special instructions besides the fact that it helps to glue the shells in layers around the can or other object you are using as your base. I glued them where I thought they looked good. That’s it.

Here’s the result.






Oh tin green bean can, thou hast risen to new and glorious heights. I’m proud of you, tinny. Really.

If you liked this post, please share! Do you have ideas to make this simple craft your own? Let us know! Be careful with those glue guns, little mermaids.


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